Currently our company has a varied roster of renowned and experienced technitians and specialists, standing out our Chemists, Agricultural Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Biochemists, Agricultural Technical Engineers, Economists, etc.

The decision of placing our Production Plant in Southern Spain  was based on the conviction of offering our clients and farmers a flexible, quick and high quality service. Since agriculture in Southern Spain has the highest diversity of crops and the fullest range of necessary applications, thus being one of the greatest consumers of agrochemical products in Europe, the Production Plants were located in Carmona , Sevilla ( Spain).

Furthermore, TRAGUSA, a 100% European capital company, counts on other diverse facilities, strategically placed in order to offer a first-rate service, adapted to all the needs of our clients.

Year after year, TRAGUSA undergoes spectacular growth, being as it is the current Spanish Leader and one of the first European companies at the head of the plant protection generic products.

Sales increase

Employee numbers increase

Installations enlargement

Increase diversification